Resources for Advancing Mental Health in Pediatrics

Welcome to RAMP. We are mental health specialists partnering with pediatric clinicians to expand access to mental health care.  

Browse our reference sections if you have specific questions or want to look something up. If you are new to mental health treatment, you might want to start in the curriculum section. The curriculum is an interactive, comprehensive introduction to mental health care in pediatrics. 

Is it Anxiety or ADHD?

ADHD and anxiety disorders are common in children and adolescents.  This lesson covers the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and anxiety disorders when they occur together.

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Mental Health Conditions

Anxiety, depression, ADHD and other diagnoses

Diverse Populations

Mental health considerations for all of your patients


Psychopharmacologic agents and how to use them


How therapy works and what to look for in your patients in therapy

Mental Health Toolbox

Screening, time management, and other tools you can use

Parent and Patient Handouts

Patient education on mental health topics

Watch Videos

Our clinicians discuss or model mental health care skills


A concise, comprehensive overview of mental health care in the pediatric clinic