Educational Mental Health Handouts for Parents and Patients

The handouts on this page are designed to provide brief, practical overviews of common mental health diagnoses, treatments, and management strategies.  Those in the first section are written for adolescents but are appropriate to share with parents as well. Consider sharing these handouts when considering or giving a new diagnosis, or when a review of symptoms indicates concerns with sleep, social media use, or peer relationships. Those in the second section are written for parents and caregivers and include anticipatory guidance around trauma response, advocating for educational services, and other topics.  The third section is a series of handouts that cover the basics of parent behavioral training as commonly taught in parenting groups or classes.  

Some pediatric practices have embedded the urls for these handouts into smart phrases in their electronic health record which facilitate inclusion of the handout into after visit summaries. 

For Teens


Separation Anxiety

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety

Assertive Communication

Managing Anger & Frustration

Executive Functioning

Healthy Eating

Sleep Hygiene

Social Media

Pill Swallowing

For Parents

Parenting Your Child with ADHD

Parenting Your Teen with Depression

Parenting Your Child with an Anxiety Disorder

What to Expect from Therapy

IEP vs 504 Plan

Safety Planning

Social Media

Reactions to Traumatic Events

How to Move Forward After Traumatic Events

SSRI Medications

Stimulant Medications

Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting

Following Directions


Self-Control and Emotions

Planning for Problems

Giving Effective Directions

Time Out