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Discussing Depression and Anxiety Treatment with a Family

Courtney Romba, MD, describes treatment for depression and anxiety with a teen and parent.

Discussing ADHD treatment with a Family

Julie Sadhu, MD, discusses ADHD treatment options with a teen and parent.

Pill Swallowing

Shannon Kawa, APRN-NP, discusses strategies to help kids swallow pills.

Suicide Assessment

Susan Sirota, MD, models suicide assessment and safety planning

Suicide Screening Videos

ASQ Delivered by Nursing Staff

Nurse rooming and completing ASQ with a patient.

Safety Assessment by Pediatrician

Brief video of Dr. Susan Sirota completing the BSSA and Safety Plan with a patient.

ASQ, Safety Assessment, and Safety Plan by Pediatrician

Full video, following from nurse rooming to Dr. Susan Sirota’s full conversation with a patient.